Franchise FAQs

We are talking to potential franchisees on a regular basis from across the UK & Ireland.

We get asked lots of different questions, the most frequent of which we have listed below for you. Of course taking the decision to start your own business and become a franchisee is a very important and personal one – so if you’ve a question that we’ve not covered, then please call and have a chat.

  • Q. What is the financial risk?

    A. Your initial investment is covered by the value of your stock at retail price; so even if you do not carry on, you simply sell through your opening stock and you get your initial outlay back, plus a bit.
  • Q. Do I have to pay money to the charity?

    A. No, we pay the charity directly. All of the money taken from your boxes belongs to you.
  • Q. What sort of support and training will I receive?

    A. Franchisees will receive induction training at our head office in Peterborough, and then when you launch we will train you in the servicing and siting of your boxes. More importantly, we accompany you in the first week of your launch to get you going with siting your boxes so you are earning right from the start.
  • Q. Will I get help to grow my franchise?

    A. Yes, additional siting days are available. If you want to grow we will send out a team to site boxes for you.
  • Q. How many boxes can I site?

    A. You will buy into our launch package of 300 boxes. To work full time in the business you will need to site and service at least 450 boxes, most grow the area to 600 boxes though.
  • Q. So will my franchise be limited to the number of boxes I initially buy into?

    A. No, you can grow beyond the launch number of boxes and you do not have to buy another launch package to grow. You simply buy extra boxes and stock as and when required.
  • Q. Can I limit the amount of hours I put into this?

    A. Yes, we do have franchisees who operate successfully on part time hours. The franchise is flexible around your needs.
  • Q. Can I add extra territory?

    A. Yes, if you are doing well and want to grow we can add territory.
  • Q. Can I sell my franchise?

    A. Yes, it is quite common for franchisees in any industry to build up their business and sell it for profit.
  • Q. Can I see a franchisee in action before I commit?

    A. Yes of course. We are happy to introduce you to a nearby franchisee or invite you to our offices to see the warehouse and admin functions too.