Franchise FAQs

We are talking to potential franchisees on a regular basis from across the UK & Ireland.

We get asked lots of different questions, the most frequent of which we have listed below for you. Of course taking the decision to start your own business and become a franchisee is a very important and personal one – so if you’ve a question that we’ve not covered, then please call and have a chat.

Can I do the franchise Part time or Full time?

Yes! You can. A 300-box franchise does require around 3 days’ work a week and these would need to be Monday to Friday. Some of our franchisees just work more days and shorter hours/school hours, the flexibility is there to make the franchise work around your existing commitments. If you would like to do the franchise full time we suggest you start with 300 boxes and begin to increase the number of these after a couple of months once your franchise is established, we can provide advice and additional siting support to help you do this.

Do you find my customers for me?

When we launch your franchisee, we send a member of our siting team to work with you, usually for around 5 working days to get the first 150 of your boxes sited, guaranteed. During this time, you will receive thorough on the job training from our launch leader. You will then go on to site the remaining 150 boxes over the next two weeks. A member of the franchise team will then come with you to do a day’s service training. Alternatively, if you would like to have all 300 of your boxes sited with a member of the siting team, we can do this for an additional charge.

Is it difficult to site boxes?

Not at all, the box is not a hard sell. Siting involves approaching the potential host site with the vending box full of delicious looking sweets and snacks and simply asking if you can leave the box with them without commitment. The addition of the charity partner, Bliss who are a charity for premature and babies born sick, can also be a significant help and get a foot in the door! We find that around 1 in 3 places will say yes, if the answer is a no… just go next door! Remember, full training will be given on siting during your initial in-house training and the time sent spent with the member of our team launching your franchise.

Do I have to pay anything to the Charity?

All charity donations come directly from head office. When a franchisee purchases stock from us, a percentage of the purchase price is deducted and donated directly to the charity. This means that ALL the money taken in the vending boxes belongs to you. Please do give Kat on the franchise team a call who will happily give you an up to date figure of how much we have donate this year so far!

Are there any franchise management charges or renewal charges?

No, there are no additional monthly or annual franchise management or contract renewal charges AT ALL!

Do I need a car to do the franchise?

Believe it or not, we get asked this question a lot! You cannot do the franchise without a vehicle; you will be travelling between host sites with stock to replenish boxes, so it is a necessity to have access to a vehicle and that the franchisee has their own full driving licence.

What type of vehicle do I need?

The franchise can be run with a normal standard sized car, you will have enough space on the back seats and boot to carry service stock for the day. You may find once you are established you wish to upsize your vehicle to a larger sized car/people carrier or a van, but this isn’t essential!

Do I have my own area and how big is this area?

Yes, you are given your own exclusive allocated territory area, the size of these areas varies as they are calculated on the number of businesses and potential host sites within them. If you live somewhere quite urban the area will be smaller and which is rural the area will be larger.

Having a large or small geographic area does not dictate the success of your franchise, one of our top two franchisees is in a very urban area and the other is in a very rural area so it goes to show, it can work very well in both! Please do get in contact and one of our franchise team will be happy to look at available territory near you and send you the map areas to see for yourself.

How many boxes will I service a day?

This varies from franchisee to franchisee, but a conservative average is around 25 boxes a day. A lot of our franchisees can do considerably more than this. Once you get into the swing of things, get familiar with the sites and where to park it does become more streamlined!

How much is the stock to buy?

Products retail in the box from around £1.00 to £1.50 with price stickers available for larger items. You pay between 45p and 59p per product including vat, this makes this franchise the most profitable for you in this sector, with the additional of regular discounts on and offers on stock. We’d be happy to send you our current order form so you can see this week’s available products and their purchase prices.

Do you offer credit?

All new franchisees are given the opportunity to buy stock on a credit facility, this is subject to references and checks. This enables you to purchase replenishment stock without having to invest further at the beginning of your franchise. Credit limits and terms are agreed on an individual basis with each franchisee.