Our Franchise Package

ChariSnack are a leading Sweet and Snack vending box franchise – A step ahead of our competitors with quality products, exciting new branding, monthly promotions and a wealth of experience within the confectionery and healthy snacking industry. Now with the option to include Lite ‘n’ Lo snack company boxes as part of your launch package.

We have a network of over 45 successful franchisees, working part time or full time across the United Kingdom, proving it really can work for everyone. You can earn in excess of £31,000*, working as little as two to three days per week.

What will you do?

It’s simple. You will sell an attractive range of branded sweets, snacks and other products such as flapjacks, healthy snacks, popcorn and crisps, from eye-catching self-service point of sale boxes located prominently in workplaces, shops, leisure centres and other locations. The boxes are left at “host sites”, without commitment, and you service each site at regular intervals to restock and collect the cash. You can meet the requirements and tailor make each box to the individual sites, ensuring they have the products they want, resulting in higher sales!

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes; any business in your area is a potential customer whether they have 2 or 500 staff, plus their customers and visitors.

Day to day as a ChariSnack Franchisee

Using your stock record sheets, you will visit the sites, work down your list visiting each site and topping up the boxes and collecting your cash!

Your stock for a day of servicing and replenishing boxes will easily fit in a standard sized car.

At each site you will:

  • Approach the site with your ChariSnack Company ID badge and uniform and introduce yourself.
  • Restock the box tailoring the products to the requirements of each site to maximise sales.
  • Collect YOUR money from the box.
  • Ensure the box is left looking tip top in the best location and over to your next site.

As a ChariSnack franchisee, we ensure you are given full training on siting, servicing and best practice, to enable you to hit the ground running. We will always make sure you are comfortable with what to do and how to do it!

All the money collected from the box is yours!

At ChariSnack, we recognise that making the decision to start your own business is a big one. Our tailor-made launch packages can help you get your franchise up and running with a budget and time-frame that suits you. Ultimately we are setting you up with a business which will bring you a long-term repeat income.

  • Immediate cash income.
  • Full or part-time.
  • Working 2-3 days per week can earn you in excess of 31K.
  • A personalised business plan put together by our dedicated franchise team.
  • The opportunity to have a multi-branded box franchise by including boxes from our healthy lighter snack option – The Lite ‘n’ Lo Snack company.
  • Tailored franchise launch package to suit your own needs and experience.
  • Sound too good to be true? Talk to us on 01733 239003 or one of our franchisees.

Start your own business today for just £2799 + VAT. 

Our Franchise Package

Our experienced team will take the time to talk to you about what you would like to achieve from your franchise and your ultimate goal, we will then write a personalised business plan for your franchise launch. Taking in to account income expectations and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the franchise, whether it be part time or full time we, will put together a tailored launch package to meet your individual requirements.

With this made to measure package, we will also provide full training and continual support from our franchise team. This is a huge benefit to ensure your business develops successfully and reaches your required level of income. We will work with you to develop a long-term, repeat cash business to create a secure and independent future for you and your family.

Please see our standard package below, but remember this can be adjusted to meet your own requirements. Just speak to a member of your franchising team to see how this can work for you.

For £2799 + VAT our franchise package includes:

  • 300 vending boxes and stock to fill worth £7500 at retail your investment is more than covered by the stock you get.
  • Assisted launch: to get you up and running, we’ll help you find and deliver your first 150 boxes, with an additional 200 units of stock on completion of 300 boxes sited!
  • Head office training and ongoing field support.
  • Branded ChariSnack ID badge and clothing, giving your customers confidence.
  • Electronic coin counter.
  • Territory mapping system.
  • Site database.
  • Operations manual.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Ongoing support and back up.

How do we compare? 

  • We are the lowest priced package, like for like, available, especially considering the added bonus of the fully supported launch option.
  • Upgraded packages and additional stock available – earn more from day one. Ask for details.
  • Continual support from our dedicated franchising team with structured training, regular catch ups and sales development advice.
  • Part of a BRC accredited multi-million-pound confectionery and snacks distributor meaning security, peace of mind – and unrivalled buying power. Come and visit us at our head office!


  • Franchise Launch fee is to be paid prior to launch.
  • 30 days credit terms on repeat orders (credit limits may apply).
  • 60 days credit terms on promotions and siting drive.

What makes a ChariSnack franchise different?

  • The opportunity to have a multi branded box franchise by including boxes from our healthy lighter snack option – The Lite ‘n’ Lo Snack company.
  • No charge for additional territory (subject to availability).
  • We give you the option to have our experienced siting team help you get your boxes sited within the first 7 – 10 days of launching your franchise, guaranteed.
  • No management, renewal or royalty fees to pay, ever!
  • WE DONATE to our charity partners. So far, to date, we have donated over £250,000!
  • Your investment is always covered by your stock.
  • Ongoing 30-day credit terms.
  • Standard units retail at £1.00 – £1.20
  • Additional siting drives available should you wish to grow your business.
  • Product exclusivity to the Jellyatrics brand and more.
  • ChariSnack is part of the Delicious Ideas Food Group. This means that unlike our competitors we can provide you with the support and security that a major company can offer. We will be here next year and beyond, so your investment is safe.
  • Lowest ongoing cost price in the sector, which is 50p per packet including VAT.
  • Free of charge initial training package.
  • Regional meetings.
  • Dedicated and experienced management and siting team.
  • Monthly promotions.
  • An excellent return on investment.
  • No bad debts.
  • No upper earning ceiling.
  • 20 packets sold per month, per box (300) will earn you up to £31,000 per year*.
  • Customers are always pleased to see you.
  • No hard sell.
  • You are in control of your future.
  • The good feeling that you are helping to raise money for charity.


*The figures set forth in this illustration represent actual performance by a franchisee. There is no guarantee that you will achieve these figures and nor is it intended that you should rely on them as a warrant or guarantee.

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