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With Thanks is now a multi-brand franchise opportunity!

With Thanks is now a multi-brand franchise opportunity!

You only need to watch the news or take a look in the press to see that healthy eating is still a hot topic, with a lot of emphasis on reducing sugar intake and making healthier eating choices.

Despite this, there is still a massive market for confectionery and the industry and market continues to grow year on year without fail. We can confidently say that despite all of the interest in healthy eating the confectionery industry is still very strong. People still continue to buck the healthy eating trend and consume chocolate, biscuits and other snacks daily. And the With Thanks boxes still continue to perform well in offices, staff rooms, trade counters, receptions and many, many more types of host sites.

But, we cannot simply ignore the healthy eating and reduced sugar changes happening all around us. So, With Thanks have made a move which will allow our franchisees to take advance this by supplying confectionery and healthy eating. We have made some changes to ensure we offer the opportunity to maximise potential income of the business for all of our franchisees.

Multi-Brand franchise opportunity!

With Thanks have now become a multi-brand franchise and made the Lite ‘n’ Lo Snack company boxes and products available to all of our franchisees. As you can see, it is very colourful, attractive and can be packed full of lighter choice and healthy snacks!

These lighter option products can be placed within With Thanks boxes or in their own Lite ‘n’ Lo boxes in host sites.

Our franchisees are having great results placing the Lite ‘n’ Lo boxes alongside their With Thanks boxes in existing sites. Appealing to people who are having a healthy eating kick or like to make lighter choices with their snacks. This requires no additional work, as the franchisee would be at the site servicing a box already. Extra sales with minimum effort!

In addition to these multi-box host sites which would not accept a confectionery box, such as schools with healthy eating policies, gyms, and other sites that, again, simply don’t eat confectionery products.

We believe it is important for all of our franchisees to have a progressive, solid and successful business model. After all, success for you is success for us!